Dr. Boochart’s Elixir of Life

Delicious, refreshing and it contains the Elixir of Life! 

With refreshing flavor, an effervescent pallet and hints of ripe berries, Booster Berry simply feels good to drink and is certainly ‘the right thing to do.’

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Additional Information

Lets be honest…how do you really feel the day after drinking beer, wine or alcohol? if you are honest, you will probably answer bloated, irritable, depressed, foggy, fatigued with a roaring headache.

Delicious, refreshing and it contains the ‘Elixir of Life!’  

‘The Elixir of Life’ contains nutrients known to aid and protect the body.

Perhaps one of life’s most important creations, the Elixir of Life is the basis of all that is wonderful. It is a paramount addition to all of our splendid libations. It aids to protect your body, cleanse your liver and kidney, preserves the brain, supports the heart and reduces the risk of free radical damage when compared to traditional forms of alcohol.

Elixir of Life Benefits

Organic Purified Kombucha Culture (Organic Yerba Mate Tea, Organic Sugar, Probiotics) | Filtered Water | Proprietary Healing ‘elixir’ Of Vitamins | Herbs, Minerals And Probiotics | Organic Fruit Extracts (Black Cherry, Blueberry, Elderberry).